Free CLIM(B) status?

Mike McDonald
Wed, 30 Apr 1997 21:14:07 -0700

>From: "Vassili Bykov" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: Free CLIM(B) status?
>Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 21:54:01 -0400
>Hi all,
>(I intended to send this to Martin Cracauer but then thought maybe I am
>not alone with this question).
>I wonder is there any activity on Free CLIM project?  The last message
>in the mailing list archive is dated March 12, and CLINC does not seem
>to have gotten anywhere past 19970127.

  I can answer this since I'm on the CLIM mailing list and I just
asked Martin the same question the other day. Essentially, nothing is
happening on the list. There was a bit of a flurry of activity when it
first started (nothing like lispos though!) and then it died.

  As for status, I've been trying to make my way thru the CLIM spec,
implementing (inefficiently!) each chapter as I go. I'm about a third
to half way thru it. When I make it completely thru, then I'll make
another pass thru correcting and fixing things. Then I'll "release"
it. Originally, I had intended to target Xaw as the widget set to use
but now that we may be doing an integrated lisp environment, I think
I'm going to target CLX instead. No reason to bring in more Unix gunk
than necessary! Someone else can do the foreign toolkit work if
they're so inclined.

  Tonight, I'm playing around with clinc, trying to get it to work
under ACL and CMUCL. If I can get that to work without too much
effort, I'll send the code back to Martin so people can play with it
and get an (sketchy) idea what CLIM is about.

  Now, who's doing the generic network services and support? :-)

  Mike McDonald