Free CLIM(B) status?

Vassili Bykov
Thu, 1 May 1997 00:33:15 -0400

Mike McDonald writes:
 >   Tonight, I'm playing around with clinc, trying to get it to work
 > under ACL and CMUCL. If I can get that to work without too much
 > effort, I'll send the code back to Martin so people can play with it
 > and get an (sketchy) idea what CLIM is about.

If that helps anyone, here is how I got the demo to run under ACL
(assuming CLX is loaded):

1. Edit the three paths in defsystem.lsp (*EW-TOP-LEVEL-DIRECTORY*, etc)
   to be what they really are.

2. (setf (package-definition-lock (find-package :common-lisp)) nil)

3. :ld defpackage.lsp defsystem.lsp

4. (compile-ew)
or, if was already compiled
4'. (load-ew)           

6. :package ew          ; needed so that the following uses ew::demo

7. (run-program 'demo)