LispOS directly on hardware or on Unix kernel?

Rainer Joswig
Thu, 1 May 1997 02:16:42 +0200

>Why all this talk of re-implementing Unix utilities in lisp and
>translating C code into lisp code?

Most of the "Unix" utilities are pretty useless, IMHO. I'd like
to get rid of Unix as much as possible. It is basically
a model of how one should not do it. 

>the apps I want. LispOS will be in a worse situation. Let's keep the
>ability to run UNIX and X programs.

I don't need that. If I want to run Unix, I can use one
of our Slowlaris machines. I would like a machine without
the baggage of technology that was outdated ten or even
twenty years ago. I mean, put a SmallTalk or a Lisp Machine
side by side with a Unix-system. This is real tragic. Something
most have been going wrong in a big way.

>And IF in 5 years time, LispOS is so successful that you don't need
>UNIX compatibility any more, well then you can purge it out.

Sigh, not earlier?

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