Running Unix programs under LispOS

P. Srinivas
Fri, 2 May 1997 11:30:07 -0600 writes:
 > Hello,
 > Can I ask what is wrong with using GNU as the LispOS kernel?
 > There seems to be a dichotomy where some say 'do it cos we
 > can with Lisp & new ideas right on the HW or a slim OS kit'
 > (this is what I though a LispOS would be all about) & others
 > 'lets get going now with a Linux/BSD kernel & skip the driver
 > issues & get all those apps already ported to Unix & appeal to
 > the masses'.
 > Isn't this what the FSF are doing with GNU? Building a bridge
 > between the old world & the new. If we want a way of narrowing
 > the interfaces to a Linux/BSD, won't the HURD be exactly that?
 > We don't need the Unix personality but we can use the Daemons.
 > On the other side of the coin we can create our own HIRD to
 > support a LispM personality. Wouldn't this mean that the Unix
 > side could bomb completely & still leave the Lisp world alive?

This is what I was also thinking. Instead of the horrible
monolithic Linux kernal, we are better of the Hurd along with
micro kernal.

Another note: People are suggesting that we start with linux
and slowly re-implement all the linux in LISP.
Unix coded in LISP will still be UNIX not a LISPOS. 
We should try not to duplicate all the garbage of Unix. We should
start with small micro kernal or a nano-kernal (is there any such
thing?) and provide a very simple and powerful OS interface.

Unix compatibility mode may come later, if needed.

Just some thoughts.