LispOS directly on hardware or on Unix kernel?

Harvey J. Stein
Fri, 2 May 1997 21:16:09 +0300

Chris Bitmead uid writes:
 > >>Most people these days are talking of micro kernels that will be able
 > >>to run Windows, Mac, OpenStep, Unix all at the one time. That is the
 > >>way of the future.
 > >
 > >Which has not been delivered yet. Why? Because it is extremely
 > >complex to put a current OS on a Microkernel. Ask Apple.
 > >They failed to deliver. Despite a legion of
 > >developers. And despite of hundreds of millions of dollars.
 > By the standards of difficulty in OS development, building an OS on a
 > micro kernel is extremely easy. Apple DID build an OS on a
 > micro-kernel. It's called MkLinux and it took them a matter of months
 > to build.

Not that I really disagree with any of the points your making, but
they didn't really just build an OS from scratch on top of a
microkernel (namely Mach).  They actually ported the Linux kernel
itself to Mach.  Basically, they replaced all the funky low level
hardware access with calls to the Mach "micro"kernel and recompiled.

Harvey J. Stein
Berger Financial Research