Running Unix programs under LispOS

Chris Hanson
Fri, 2 May 1997 23:28:54 -0500

At 7:48 PM -0500 5/2/97, Mike McDonald wrote:
>  We will undoubtably make mistakes and false assumptions as we
>proceed forward. But we have an advantage, we're writing software. If
>we make a mistake, we can fix it. Just rewrite that portion. Heck,
>people keep claiming lisp is really good at being modifiable. :-)

Coding mistakes are easy to fix.

Small design mistakes are pretty easy to fix, though not as much so.

The larger design mistakes become, the harder they are to fix.  One project
I'm working on was originally going to be a pretty straight port from one
platform to the next, but thanks to its design mistakes it's easier to do a
ground-up rewrite.