Running Unix programs under LispOS

Bill House
Sat, 3 May 1997 09:09:44 -0700

Cyber Surfer wrote:
>[snip the observation that sites tend to want <fill blank> OS]
>Such places exist. I used to like the "virtual OS" idea a lot, back when it
>was popular amoung CP/M users. (Remember them?) Perhaps something
>like it could work today, with Unix, and NT. The Cygnus Software people
>have done a lot to make this possible, via the cygwin.dll and the various
>GNU tools. A number of non-C development tools now use it, too. I'd love
>to see a Win32 port of CMUCL...
Remember CP/M users? Yes, I used to be one. My first paid programming
engagement was writing dBASEII programs under CP/M. Anyway, there's an article

which descibes the 5 phases of coping with life under Windows (Ignorance,
Denial, Anger, Remorse and Acceptance). The Cygnus toolset (which I've just
D/L'd and am trying to get going for the sake of reviewing Kaffe) is an enabler
for Phase 3, where the hapless programmer attempts to recreate their former
environment under Windows. <g>

LispOS needs to be as easy to install and get running as Windows NT -- none of
this hacked-toolset nonsense. If its not, then it will never be able to compete
with Windows NT. In fact, it needs to be installable using an MS-DOS or
Windows-based installation program, just like NT, and should give the option of
creating a dual-boot machine with the existing OS intact.

Bill House
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