Running Unix programs under LispOS

Marcus G. Daniels
03 May 1997 10:05:31 -0700

>>>>> "BH" == Bill House <> writes:

BH> The Cygnus toolset (which I've just D/L'd and am trying to get going
BH> for the sake of reviewing Kaffe) is an enabler for Phase 3, where the
BH> hapless programmer attempts to recreate their former environment
BH> under Windows.

beta18 will be released very soon now, with a lot of improvements and
fixes.  I think it is going to have a InstallSheld thingey.

BH> LispOS needs to be as easy to install and get running as Windows
BH> NT -- none of this hacked-toolset nonsense. If its not, then it
BH> will never be able to compete with Windows NT. In fact, it needs
BH> to be installable using an MS-DOS or Windows-based installation
BH> program, just like NT, and should give the option of creating a
BH> dual-boot machine with the existing OS intact.

In my opinion, all this talk about luser expectations is a waste of
time at this stage of the game.  At which point it becomes relevant,
those motivated to do something about glossy installation procedures
and similiar stultifying tasks will be the ones doing the work.  
I'm more than happy to have a "hacked-toolset".

But in the interest of keeping up relations between the different
Linux/BSD/Windows/Flux/Purity-in-design/blahblahblah camps, I have some
experience debugging GNU-Win32.  If there are problems I can
probably aid in resolving them.