Running Unix programs under LispOS

Bill House
Sat, 3 May 1997 22:04:03 -0700

Marcus G. Daniels wrote:
BH> The Cygnus toolset (which I've just D/L'd and am trying to get going
BH> for the sake of reviewing Kaffe) is an enabler for Phase 3, where the
BH> hapless programmer attempts to recreate their former environment
BH> under Windows.
>beta18 will be released very soon now, with a lot of improvements and
>fixes.  I think it is going to have a InstallSheld thingey.

BTW, considering my overall history of success as a wit, I just figured I'd
clarify that I did NOT mean that to knock the Cygnus tools at all. On the
contrary, if not for the free software that is available, I don't see how much
of what's being discussed here is even possible. In fact, in my case, the
toolset is a huge enabler of access to free software like Kaffe. That's hugely

Just to be sure. <g>

Bill House
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