Time to get busy!

Mike McDonald mikemac@titian.engr.sgi.com
Mon, 05 May 1997 13:03:55 -0700

>From: "Dwight Hughes" <dhughes@intellinet.com>
>To: <lispos@math.gatech.edu>
>Subject: Re: Time to get busy!
>Date: Sat, 3 May 1997 23:26:07 -0500

>Now, which is it -- Linux or FreeBSD? If Linux, which Linux -- RedHat,
>Slackware, Debian, mkLinux?

  Since you have expressed an interest in low level, kernel types of
things, I'd suggest you use Linux (I don't think the distribution is
all that important. Any reasonably recent one should work.) and
CMU-CL. I'd also suggest you contact the guys working on porting CMUCL
to Intels at http://www.cons.org and start getting involved in and up
to speed on the internal workings of CMUCL. A good first project might
be to help get debugging and single stepping working. A second project
would be to add threads to CMUCL.

  Mike McDonald