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> I'm really starting to feel like I'm just repeating myself over
> and over, so I'll probably stop saying anything, since it doesn't
> seem to be getting across.

Yes you are repeating yourself, and other people have been repeating 
themselves in stating that they don't feel that a LispOS that can't 
interoperate with a Unix system will either be finished or will have much 
of a market.

My first code will read and write existing *unix* mailfiles.  Then I'll extend
it to support SMTP/POP/MIME.  Then when a POS is available, I'll use it.  At 
some point, either myself or someone else will write an MTA and I'll hook my 
code into that.  At this point, the reading and writing of unix files will 
only exist in order to make it easy for people to move from a Unix system to a 
LispOS system.

If I can't start until there is a POS and I have to start by writing an SMTP 
server, I won't have anything useful for a *long* time.

So...We've heard what you've said, but (I at least), think it'll be a loooong 
time before enough of the low-levels of your system have been written that I 
can even *start* on on the code that I'm interested in writing.


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