mapping files to objects

Kelly Murray kem@Franz.COM
Tue, 06 May 1997 15:54:15 -0700

> If I can't start until there is a POS and I have to start by writing an SMTP 
> server, I won't have anything useful for a *long* time.

> So...We've heard what you've said, but (I at least), think it'll be a loooong 
> time before enough of the low-levels of your system have been written that I 
> can even *start* on on the code that I'm interested in writing.

Well, I'll repeat myself *one more time* and say you don't need a POS to
write a object-based SMTP server, or any all-object-based programs.
You can just have a process running that holds all your mail objects,
and checkpoint it when you make any significant changes in case
it crashes, or the UNIX it's running on crashes or is powered off.
This process must also include all the user interface program too,
so it can get access to the mail objects.  No problem.
Do I have to write it myself and show it to you?

But then, since this execution model is very inefficient,
this software would only be truly useful if there actually exists
a real or virtual LispM.   And perhaps that's the problem.
I have total confidence such a thing will get created (if I have to create it
entirely by myself.)
Perhaps you don't share that belief, and so would rather write a UNIX
mail system that will be useful under UNIX if the LispOS doesn't work.
But then maybe thats truly what code you *are* interested in writing,
a UNIX mail system?  As I've said, that is fine, I just don't see how
it relates very much to a LispM mail system.

So who really believes a real or virtual working LispM can and will be created?


(my apologies if I sound perturbed, I'm starting to get very disappointed!)