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> So who really believes a real or virtual working LispM can and will be created?

Depends on how you define a LispM.

I think the one that you want to build won't be created and even if it were, 
it would have a very limited market due to compatibility issues.  Why should 
you design yourself to be another Symbolics or Apple?

I think that one that works with and uses pieces of "standard" pieces can be 
created, but I don't yet know if it will be created.  There are still a lot of 
pieces that nobody has volunteered to tackle yet.

One other point is that with the "build on unix" approach is that failure to 
accomplish the LispOS project might still leave a useful Lisp environment, 
while if the "build in pure lisp from scratch doing The Right Thing at all 
points" approach fails, we have nothing useful except for lessons.

So...I think it can be done.  I hope it will be done, and I want to take an 
approach which provides that even if it isn't done we will gain some useful
tools in the process and I can stop writing perl scripts.


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