mapping files to objects

Kelly Murray kem@Franz.COM
Tue, 06 May 1997 16:50:03 -0700

> > So who really believes a real or virtual working LispM can
>  > and will be created?
> Depends on how you define a LispM.

I guess the last 2.7mb of mail messages in which we've discussed exactly
how we (and I) define a LispM hasn't been processed yet.

> I think the one that you want to build won't be created and even if it were, 
> it would have a very limited market due to compatibility issues.  Why should 
> you design yourself to be another Symbolics or Apple?

It is clear that you don't understand what my goals are, and I'll be
damned if I am going to repeat them all over again.
If you did, you could never say
"very limited market due to compatibility issues".

I rest my case.