mapping files to objects

Chris Bitmead uid(x22068)
Wed, 07 May 1997 12:05:46 +1000

>memory. Ultimately, this objects will be based upon POS objects when
>they become available. But since POS isn't available, he has to make
>another short term compromise, he has to save/restore these mail
>objects to a file. When POS is available, he can switch over to making
>his message object based upon them and throw away his crufty file
>code. Think of his file code as narrowly defined

Actually, on thinking about it, I think you're right. Anybody who
want's to run LispOS on top of UNIX will need a way to read the mail
from UNIX mail even if it is re-stored in an OOFS.

This is a bit like what emacs RMAIL does already, except that it makes
the mistake of storing the mail in another awful text file.

So go for it! It will be a useful piece of code for UNIX
compatibility. I would prefer if the mail was re-saved in an OOFS