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>   Well, out of the 2.7MB of mail, there's probably something like 2.7M
> different ideas of what a LispM is. :-) But I'm of the opinion that
> there's not that big of a gulf left between the parties. (Maybe I just
> have my rosey glasses on!) For example, the mail reader/POS debate.
> [ Excellent summary of what I want to do and how it fits into what
>   others want to do ]

I think it was a good thing that I went out to see some music last night.  I 
come back and find an excellent summary of where I stand, so I think I can
step back for a little while and take care of some non-lispOS related stuff. 
If I'd been online last night, I'm sure I would have argued every little point 
somewhat needlessly.

Since what I want to do is at a fairly high level (and, BTW, I'm interested in 
working on a MTA at some point, but really want an object-oriented store 
first) I'd love to see more people volunteer to do the things that are at a 
lower level than where I want to work.  I will write an interface to the unix 
filesystem if nobody else does, but I was hoping that someone else would find 
that of interest.


P.S.  If any of you are ever in Austin, I still recommend the Continental Club 
on tuesday night's.  "Happy Tuesday" with Toni Price is the longest running
no-cover regular party I'm aware of.  Also her 3rd (live album) is due out in 

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