Linux Comments [Re: Time to get busy!]

Dwight Hughes
Tue, 6 May 1997 22:20:41 -0500

Thanks for your comments. I have not been deeply involved in
the un*x universe before this project began (no surprise to 
anyone there) - avoiding it like the plague would be more
precise (my primary experience being with SCO Unix
several years ago -- something of a donkey ride thru hell).

The progressing lameness of the Windows universe has made me
rather more seriously consider giving it all another try --
now I have an incentive.

I have ordered RedHat Linux and plenty of doc (I'm too lazy
and ignorant to scrape it all together off the net and set
it all up nicely - I would assume there are a few others in
a similar boat on this list). The differences between Linux
and FreeBSD don't seem to be of any great magnitude (please,
no flames, I mean in ways that would make a significant
difference to this project) other than the number and variety
of devices supported, where Linux is a clear leader. This
could be important to this project -- allowing more people
to easily participate using almost any scraped together PC.

-- Dwight