GNU A Possible Ally?

Martin Cracauer
Wed, 7 May 97 13:47:24 +0200 writes:
> GNU seems to have a vested interest in propagating Lisp as well.

RMS knows about this mailing list and probably speaks up if he feels
like doing so.

The FSF can't actually do much to get the project going. What we need
is some coding and all the people interestedt in coding are already
here :-)

They have a lot of very experienced people and it might be a good idea
to consult them if we have directions to choose and don't know which
is the best for our goals. But so have we and I think we don't have a
deficit on real-world-based opinions here and we didn't agree on our
many our goals anyway. Nor do I think we have to figure out goals that
are beyond the code that is written in that very moment.

I don't think they have any Lisp source lying around that isn't
available from the net already.

I'm certainly not against coorperation with the FSF, but I think it is
more a psychological issue than one of getting a system going.

Another issue is Guile and Emacs as a base for LispOS. As I said, I
don't think this is practical yet, but I can't get the idea out of my
head: implementing a from-scratch Scheme system centered around a
Guile-based emacs. If we were up to do this, the FSF probably points
us to the guile folks to help them and consult them for technical
questions. What else could they do?

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