GNU A Possible Ally?

Marcus G. Daniels
07 May 1997 08:02:00 -0700

>>>>> "A" == cosc19z5@bayou uh edu <> writes:

A> Given all of the above I'm interested in knowing just how much of
A> an ally (if any) can we consider GNU?  I mean, given that some of
A> our goals overlap (especially intermediate ones), what does
A> everyone think about possibly looking into getting some support for
A> our project?  I'm sure GNU has its hands full, but maybe this could
A> be mutually beneficial enough that we could get some help (maybe
A> they've got some source or something lying around...  who knows?).

Here are some projects GNU would like help with:

1.  Rewrite the automake system in Scheme.
2.  Get elisp->Scheme translation macros/whatever working. 
3.  Go through the C parts of Emacs and determine how to repackage these
    as a shared library or rewrite as Scheme.  Make it dynamically loadable
    in to Guile.
4.  Filesystem translators for Hurd.
5.  Help with E-scape, and promoting a source-based (Lisp) Web.