A name for this OS

Rainer Joswig joswig@lavielle.com
Wed, 7 May 1997 23:15:34 +0200

>In a functional meaning LispOS is a good choice, but in the psychological
>one I would prefer a name which doesn't point so straight to Lisp. I,
>myself, like Lisp, but it's easier to convince the zillon of non 'lisplers'
>to give the new OS a try, if Lisp is not the first thing, they will be
>confronted with.

Lima -> Lisp Machine

Life -> Lisp For Ever

Lib -> Lisp Betriebssystem  (Betriebssystem = OS in German)

Lift -> Lisp Fast Technology

class -> Common Lisp Application Software Server


DOS -> Dynamic OS (tell your friends, you gonna implement DOS ;-) )

List -> Lisp System Technology

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