LispOS and C

Lars Thomas Hansen
Thu, 08 May 97 14:57:08 -0400

>Marcus G. Daniels said that he wished GCC to be ported to LispOS;
>Harvey J. Stein and Lars Thomas Hansen considered Lisp/Scheme compilers
>that produce C code as potential (wishable or not) compilers
>for use in LispOS.

I should probably make it clear(er?) that I don't think generating C is
a particularly attractive code-generation strategy for this project.  In
the context of more vanilla (C-friendly) operating systems, generating C
arguably buys you quite a bit on the portability-vs-performance scale,
however.  I merely wanted to suggest that some of the Scheme-to-C
compilers might be good _bases_ for a native-code compiler, i.e., one
would alter the compiler to generate code that could conform to chosen
system invariants.