LispOS and C

Marcus G. Daniels
08 May 1997 18:01:41 -0700

>>>>> "FR" == Fare Rideau <> writes:

FR> Well, in all those cases, they forget something *essential*: the
FR> memory model of LispOS, with its GC and orthogonal persistent
FR> store.  Unless the C code is carefully written with just that in
FR> mind, output by GCC will not comply to to the memory model of
FR> LispOS, hence be unusable under LispOS, unless a unix/whatever
FR> emulator is used (which might be the underlying OS, or a OS
FR> concurrently running on the same microkernel, or a full-fledged
FR> emulation box written for LispOS).

I'm talking about a feature I'd like to have: GCC working on LispOS.
I think it would be cool to be able to browse around in a Lisp
environment looking at who malloced what.

It seems to me GCC would need to output some instruction set that can
be assembled by LispOS.  The rest of Unix is implemented in C by GNU.

FR> If you think such problems are trivial, you are invited to write
FR> the GC and persistent store...

One case is that the resources a C program allocates are not garbage
collected at all until that program exists -- but Unix is already like that.