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> I think that what CWG is worrying about is just the interface his
> Lisp mailer will use to access the existing UNIX mail data base,
> which is kept while we're running on top of UNIX for compatability
> reasons. Once we dump UNIX, he can dump this lower layer and just
> store his mail objects directly. CWG, please agree with me :-)

Both you and Mike McDonald have echoed my thoughts back to the list 
coherently, so I no longer worry that I'm having a communication problem.  
Therefore, I've started brushing up on my CL and am starting to prototype some 

Since I'm a not a low-level kind of guy (that's why I like lisp, after all), I 
don't want to work at any lower of a level than I have to and I'm not going to 
be working on the guts of the OS.  Since what I want to work on is a mail 
user agent, I'm just trying to make sure that at as early of a point as
possible, I can create useful objects which are subclases of "mailfolder" and 
"mailmessage".  Initially I would like to build mailfolders as subclasses of 
"unixmboxfile" or "mhfolder".  These classes will have methods for returning 
mailmessages.  I want to design these objects in such a way that I can also 
create objects in a persistent object store when one exists.

Eventually, I'd like to write a mail transport agent as well, but that will 
need to wait until we have threads support and a decent model for secure 
spaces and what a user is before I can even plan on that.  I hope that by then 
we also have a POS.

I'm glad Kelly wants to work on what he wants to work on (although he hasn't 
actually volunteered for any particular project) and I will use his stuff 
wshen it's ready, but if I wait for a bottom up implementation, I might as 
well sign off this list until spring of 2006.


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