Paper on Fortran->Lisp.

Harvey J. Stein
Fri, 9 May 1997 01:27:07 +0300

Tim Pierce writes:
 > > Date: Thu, 8 May 1997 12:53:16 +0300
 > > From: "Harvey J. Stein" <>
 > > 
 > > I just found this reference to Fortran->Lisp translation.  It might be
 > > relevant to C->Lisp translation.  Anyone interested in the subject and
 > > near a library might want to take a look at it:
 > > 
 > >    Fortran to Lisp translation using f2cl (with D. M. K. Willcock),
 > >    Software-Practice and Experience 26, 1127-1139, 1996. 
 > Thanks for the reference.  The source code for this compiler,
 > according to the article, can be found at

I think some of the xlispstat guys have been using f2cl to add
numerical code to xlispstat.  On the other hand, I never really
understood this because it's pretty easy to compile Fortran,
dynamically link it in, and call it directly from the interpreter.
Maybe they're just using it for stuff which takes function arguments.

Harvey J. Stein
Berger Financial Research