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Fri, 09 May 1997 16:31:38 -0700

>To: Mike McDonald <mikemac>
>Subject: Re: Unicode 
>From: cwg@DeepEddy.Com
>Date: Fri, 09 May 1997 17:35:56 -0500
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>> If you're not going to support all of
>> the aspects of localization, then I'd prefer we stick with the
>> original unicode, ASCII.
>This seems like totally unnecessary flamebait, especially considering that 
>there are people who have been contributing productively to this list whose 
>names can't even be properly rendered in ASCII (note <rideau@ens.fr>'s 

  BTW, you can't represent mine either! So what!

  All I'm asking is that if you're going to go off and add support for
unicode (or some other variation) that we also add in some of the
other things. OK, idioms are really hard. Skip them. How about page
size? Can we do that? Then that fancy word processor can at least
generate the correct page format? If we're going to address
localization, let's do MORE than just the representation of

  Mike McDonald