Our Manifesto Version II (Please Read)

cosc19z5@bayou.uh.edu cosc19z5@bayou.uh.edu
Fri, 9 May 1997 19:13:49 -0500 (CDT)

After receiving numerous comments about the content of the manifesto,
I've removed and re-worded it to fit the general attitude of the

If you feel that this manifesto is not to your liking, then
please post publically, allow a few days for comments to come in,
and I'll release another version pending the sentiments of the
group towards your comments.

Thanks to everyone who posted comments last time, and thanks in
advance to everyone who will post them again.

One thing you will notice is that the project is now called "LispOS".
The votes are in, and LispOS has it (so far).  If votes tip things in
favor of another name, this document will be changed to reflect that.


                      The LispOS Manifesto

Our Goal

        To develop a safe, dynamic, high level operating system.

Why LispOS?

        LispOS will be safer, more flexible, more powerful, and easier
        to use than other popular operating systems due to its dynamic
        nature, and its use of high level objects as basic units
        of data (rather than byte streams).  This will allow software
        components to easily share data, and users will benefit
        from a more productive working environment.


How we Intend to Achieve Our Goals

        We will initially work upon a pre-existing operating system
        and gradually replace component by component.


How You Can Help

        If you have programming/software engineering expertise, then
        you can help by developing code and discussing issues.  If you
        are a casual user, then you can help by giving the system a
        try and giving us your feedback, not to mention spreading
        the word to others.

Where to Contribute

        To subscribe to the mailing list, send an email with
        "Subscribe e-mail" (without the quotes and where "e-mail"
        is your email address).  The mailing list address is:

       This is the web site: