A name for this OS

Duke Briscoe briscoe@athens.net
Sat, 10 May 97 16:49:51 -0000

>Subject:     Re: A name for this OS 
>Sent:        5/9/97 11:42 AM
>Received:    5/10/97 1:30 PM
>From:        Martin Cracauer, cracauer@wavehh.hanse.de
>To:          LispOS, lispos@math.gatech.edu
>Kelly Murray writes:
>> I guess SilkOS has been rejected?  I think the simple fact that it
>> is something unknown will attract more interest than "LispOS",
>> which many people will immediately reject as uninteresting or having
>> already failed without looking further.  But if people don't agree this
>> is a problem or issue, then "LispOS" is the best name in my opinion.
>While I'm not against SilkOS, I think we have nothing to gain from
>choosing a name that doesn't sound like Lisp.

I am no longer able to keep up with the volume in this mailing list (thus 
not reading many of the messages), but I would tend to agree with Martin 
and favor something like LispOS.  However, I am prompted to write because 
the name CLOSOS (naturally pronounced as Colossus) occurred to me, and 
you can kick it around if you like.  That assumes that you pick Common 
Lisp as your main dialect.  Hasn't Franz tried to market Common Lisp to 
the masses by emphasizing it as CLOS and playing up the first 
standardized OOP angle?

Here's lurking at you,

Duke Briscoe