A name for this OS

Kelly Murray kem@Franz.COM
Sun, 11 May 1997 00:23:48 -0700

> the name CLOSOS (naturally pronounced as Colossus) occurred to me, and 
> you can kick it around if you like.  That assumes that you pick Common 
> Lisp as your main dialect.

Uh, not quite the image you'd want to invoke, but cute.

> Hasn't Franz tried to market Common Lisp to 
> the masses by emphasizing it as CLOS and playing up the first 
> standardized OOP angle?

Uh huh, we stopped selling Lisp, and starting selling CLOS.
I agree with that change.
That didn't really make any difference, so we're now working
up Dynamic Objects as the next magic bullet to sell Lisp.
I agree with that name change too.

I believe names ARE important in the marketplace.
They're just not the most important thing.
Just changing the name doesn't change the product
or how it works or who will use it,
as some marketing types might want to believe.