licensing furor

Marcus G. Daniels
10 May 1997 16:24:46 -0700

>>>>> "AB" == Andrew Justin Blumberg <> writes:

AB> it seems like one of the big screws of having a company pick up
AB> the system would be that the system would lose reflectivity; the
AB> company would likely not make the source available to any changes
AB> they made.

AB> so put this in the license, but don't prevent the company from
AB> selling the software it writes as long as this constraint is
AB> obeyed.
The GPL already allows selling of LispOS. 

The GPL makes the distinction between derived work, and programs/
libraries/modules that just run on the operating system. 

If a change or improvement can't be made except as a patch file or by
using an undocumented interface, then that change is a derived work;
the vendor must release their improvements, and reflectivity is preserved.

Otherwise, the vendor may deny their users the option of
redistributing proprietary source code.