Portability (was Re: Unidentified subject!)

Andreas Eder are@laphroig.mch.sni.de
Mon, 12 May 1997 14:48:01 +0200

Marcus Daniels <marcus@ee.pdx.edu> writes:

>You have a few big apps you want that are written in Common Lisp,
>and I have big apps that are not. 
>o DSSSL uses a purely functional dialect of Scheme.
>o GCC is written in C.
>o The FSF plan is to layer Emacs over Guile Scheme (which will
>  translate the elisp). 

At least Emacs is not an argument to use Scheme or Guile; with CMU-CL
comes Hemlock, which is a quite nice Emacs like editor, that is
written completely in Common Lisp. Admittely there are only a few
libraries for it, but I don't thinbk that an elisp->guile compiler
would be much easier than a elisp->CL compiler. 
And you can completely forget that ugly low-level implementation
language of emacs: C :-)

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