Portability (was Re: Unidentified subject!)

Marcus G. Daniels marcus@cathcart.sysc.pdx.edu
12 May 1997 06:13:11 -0700

>>>>> "AE" == Andreas Eder <are@laphroig.mch.sni.de> writes:

AE> At least Emacs is not an argument to use Scheme or Guile; with
AE> CMU-CL comes Hemlock, which is a quite nice Emacs like editor,
AE> that is written completely in Common Lisp. 

Just who is maintaining Hemlock?  The Gwydion group?  A CMU CL hacker
or two have make a patch here and there?  Look, there are two independent
and active groups of developers for GNU Emacs.  Oh, how does Hemlock work
with Win32 systems?  How about the multiframe support?  Foreign
character sets?  Mail? Newsreaders? PostScript support?

AE> Admittely there are
AE> only a few libraries for it, but I don't thinbk that an
AE> elisp->guile compiler would be much easier than a elisp->CL
AE> compiler.

Never mind that someone may actually work on a elisp->Scheme
translator in the near future, the issue is that Emacs has
a documented and widely used library. 

AE> And you can completely forget that ugly low-level
AE> implementation language of emacs: C :-)

Hey, at least you are being realistic.