Getting this project going.

Chris Bitmead uid
Tue, 13 May 1997 12:05:08 +1000

>> I nomitate Ahmed to collect this information (If he wants to). I
>> suggest we summarise what we intend to do on this project and we
>> collate this information.
>I will be more than happy to do so.  I would appreciate it if people
>who post information on what they are willing to do, would do so
>under the topic "Duty Roster", just so it would make it easier
>for me to spot them (and minimize the chances of my missing

I suggest the following form as a starting point to summarising the


Email address:

Country: <For curiosities sake!>

Experience: <Optional. Put any information here which you think 
might describe how much experience you have. Not a resume, just a 
sentence or two>

Special areas of interest: <Aspects of LispOS you are especially 
interested in working on>. If applicable give a *brief* summary of 
your position on contentious design issues>

Areas prepared to work on: <Other parts of LispOS you are prepared 
to work on>

Level of commitment: <Just lurking, or prepared to do a bit now and
then, or prepared to test and try out, or heavily committed to lots of
LispOS work or will work full-time. Give a very brief description of
how much you intend to devote to the project.>