News group Proposal [Re: TOO MUCH VOLUME -- a proposal]

Drew R Whitehouse
13 May 1997 16:56:48 +1000

	I agree, new sucks. Our server dumps articles more than a week
old. Also once you write messages on news groups you are the target of
every SPAMMING scum bag on the planet, not to mention the day someone
cross posts something to the Tcl/C++ newsgroups... 

	Anyone who is having a problem with the volume obviously isn't
using the best (lisp based of course) mail/news reader on the planet -
GNUS. For all intensive purposes LispOS is just another newsgroup under


>>>>> "Dwight" == Dwight Hughes <> writes:
    Dwight> I certainly don't want to shift things to a news group --
    Dwight> my news server sucks -- half the time I can't get on, the
    Dwight> rest of the time news messages will only stay available
    Dwight> for two or three days at most. Besides, shifting the
    Dwight> volume does no good, the volume still exists.

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