News group Proposal [Re: TOO MUCH VOLUME -- a proposal]

Chris Bitmead uid
Tue, 13 May 1997 17:09:40 +1000

>	I agree, new sucks. Our server dumps articles more than a week

I still think a mail <-> news gateway would be the best of both

>Also once you write messages on news groups you are the target of
>every SPAMMING scum bag on the planet, not to mention the day someone
>cross posts something to the Tcl/C++ newsgroups... 

We could have a moderated news group where the "moderator" is an
automated program which simply rejects anything which is cross-posted.

>	Anyone who is having a problem with the volume obviously isn't
>using the best (lisp based of course) mail/news reader on the planet -
>GNUS. For all intensive purposes LispOS is just another newsgroup under

I use emacs rmail. How can I use GNUS to read email??