Duty Roster

Harvey J. Stein abel@netvision.net.il
Tue, 13 May 1997 16:22:45 +0300

Name: Harvey Stein

Email address: abel@netvision.net.il

Country: Israel

Experience: Programming in C, various flavors of Lisp (including Lisp
            with Flavors :), Simula, Pascal, Smalltalk, Fortran, PL/I,
            perl (ugh)..., mostly Lisp/scheme & Fortran, but lots of
            debugging of other people's C code.  Symbolic and numeric
            programming.  Analysis of algorithms & algorithm
            development.  Reading & investigating lisp performance
            issues, GC issues, foreign function interfaces, ...  Very
            familiar with Linux - sometimes read kernel code to
            investigate problems.  Some experience with parsing of
            source code and source code translation.  Have programmed
            on Lisp machines & under DOS, Windows, Unix, Tops-10,
            Tops-20, VMS, and some IBM machine or other.

Special areas of interest:
            Keeping it fast enough to do numerical analysis.
            Replacing unix tools with Lisp versions where useful,
            especially if they replace something incredibly ugly and
            bugridden (e.g. sendmail) with something simple and
            robust.  Anything which might make the distribution of
            lisp/scheme source code as usable to as many people as C
            source code is.

Areas prepared to work on: Anything - I haven't yet decided which part
            I'm most interested in, but I'm unlikely to work on
            anything which will only work under *1* lisp system -
            i.e. - I'd rather write applications in generic common
            lisp than help develop yet another lisp which is
            incompatible with other lisps.

Level of commitment: As much as I can without my wife demanding a
            divorce - maybe about 5-8 hrs/week, provided I can do it at
            home & at work on my Linux boxes without bringing the
            machines down.