Duty Roster

Antonio Leitao aml@gia.ist.utl.pt
14 May 1997 11:21:58 +0100

Name: Ant=F3nio Leit=E3o

Email address: aml@gia.ist.utl.pt

Country: Portugal

Experience: FranzLisp, LeLisp, ZetaLisp, Smalltalk, elisp, Scheme, and
=09CommonLisp. 4 years working at SISCOG, developing a
=09scheduling system and its graphical interface, all in
=09CommonLisp + Flavors, on TI-Explorers. Many projects
=09developed in various Lisps. Enough experience in functional,
=09data-driven, and object-oriented programming. Some experience
=09translating between Lisps (Scheme <-> CommonLisp, FranzLisp
=09<-> LeLisp, Flavors <-> Clos, etc). Some experience on Lisp
=09Machine architecture and TI-Explorer microcode. Some
=09experience on NeXTStep. Other less relevant programming
=09languages: Pascal, Fortran, C, C++, Objective-C, Java.

Special areas of interest: Literate Programming, Actor languages,
=09optimization of Lisp programs, graphical interfaces.

Areas prepared to work on: Anything

Level of commitment: For the moment, about 8 hours/week.