3600(IFU), 3645, 3675 machines to be junked

Kelly Murray kem@Franz.COM
Tue, 13 May 1997 09:27:29 -0700

Ya'know what would be really, really cool?
Take one of those Symbolics 3600 cabinets
and now instead of one 36bit processor, it gets stuffed
with 36 100mhz Pentium motherboards on a 100mb local
network, with a 36gb RAID disk array, on a T5 line to the internet.

It's not just a single user machine, but this one machine
is running a WebMall (ala www.viaweb.com) supporting 100's of companies
doing business over the internet, running a WebSearch (ala yahoo.com)
engine and resource directory,
WebMail, maintaining 1000's of people mail (ala mail.com),
and a host of other Web-based things we don't even know could exist
yet.  The whole thing maintained by a staff of Lisp programmers,
not one being in the same building as the machine itself.

The glory days are here again, 00's style.

Pure Fantasy or Possible Reality?  I've already made up my mind which one.

-Kelly Edward Murray