Splitting Lists

Fare Rideau rideau@ens.fr
Tue, 13 May 1997 19:39:09 +0200 (MET DST)

Dear LispOS project members,

>: Chris Garrigues
> What needs to be done at this point is to subdivide the list into smaller
> subject-area lists as was already done with the splitoff of lispvm.  I think
> someone already proposed some categories, but they didn't propose names.

   I too propose that the list be split.

First, there already are existing mailing lists,
that we should use instead of creating new ones
(subscribe through *-request@* unless stated otherwise)
* splitting into mailing-lists will reduce noise on the lispos list,
 and increase the information ratio on related topics.
* lists that are already dedicated to some aspects of LispOS
 mean that LispOS can benefit from experience and coding of people
 already developing these aspects.
* Using existing lists avoids the creation of two (or more) redundant lists,
 which would only double the efforts for double-subscribees
 and half the contents for single-subscribees.

	talk about implementing CMUCL.
	Those who'll be adding threads and lots of nifty features to CMUCL
	shoud go there.

	talk about developing free-CLIM

	using the flux OS toolkit.

	Developing the low-level parts of a reflective system,
	based on a basic low-level Lisp-like language.
	Particular interests: GC, Persistence, Distribution, finalizers,
	blobs, page faults, basic lisp, Forth, reflection, low-level hacks.
	subscribe instructions:

	Issues related to development of a reflective system in general.
	subscribe instructions:

	Issues related to implementing GC in general.

	miscellaneous OS hacking on PC hardware

	discussion about Guile;
	particularly of interest for those who'd like to port Emacs
	to Scheme or CL or whatelse;
	or to those who'd like to provide system bindings to Scheme.

There are many more lists that I'm not aware of...
A web page should definitely be created to point on all these LispOS-related
mailing lists.

Now, I propose that the following list be created:

	Writing Lisp-based Applications for Internet access,
	document edition, spreadsheets, etc,
	to replace those lame C-based apps.
	All Lisp languages accepted, particularly CL and Scheme.
	Specific projects can be moved to specific mailing lists,
	with pointers/announces being posted.
	To prevent flames, this might even be split
	into dialect-dependent sublists:
	lispenv-cl, lispenv-scheme, etc.

	would still be used for general topics about LispOS,
	announces of progress and problems of other subprojects,
	API specs, Interlanguage Unification, etc.

And please no more flames about "you should not do that".
Only constructive proposals "I'm going to do that",
and else kind suggestions.
CL-proponents please do CL.
Scheme-proponents please do Scheme.
Reflective-Lisp proponents please do Reflective-Lisp.
Everyone will be happier, and things will go faster.