TOO MUCH VOLUME -- a proposal

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Tue, 13 May 1997 10:22:11 -0500

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> Newsgroups are good, but they tend to be "too" open.
> A very good intermediate form is the:
> mailing-list + newsgroup
> the newsgroup is "moderated" in the sense that only
> the people on the associated mailing list can post to
> the newsgroup.  New people can join sending request
> to the mailing list.

Also, a pure newsgroup would lock out people like myself who have given up on 
news.  In fact, I'm not even happy about being on a mailing list that's 
gatwayed into a newsgroup because the signal/noise ratio goes to hell.

I would only support the creation of a newsgroup if we were at the point where 
a broad awareness of what we're doing were important, *and* if there were a 
non-gatewayed mailing list that I could remain on.

What needs to be done at this point is to subdivide the list into smaller 
subject-area lists as was already done with the splitoff of lispvm.  I think 
someone already proposed some categories, but they didn't propose names.


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