Call for Volunteers

Rodrigo Ventura
Thu, 15 May 1997 00:07:33 +0200

Name: Rodrigo Ventura

Email address:

Country: Portugal

Experience: Programing in Common LISP and CLOS in Artificial Intelligence
            academic projects, mostly under CLISP. Attempting to port
            clisp to NetBSD-Amiga. Programming in tcl/tk and C/C++, as
            well as minor experiences in other languages.


Special areas of interest: Dynamic binding, ffi's, tcl/tk gluing,
                           networking, virtual machines.

Areas prepared to work on: assembly code for m68k platforms, general
                           LISP programming, ffi's, glueing, GUI's.

Level of commitment: Variable, it depends on current academic
                     workload. Can span from a couple of hours per
                     weekend upto several hours per day. My experience
                     in inner working of LISP systems is although


*** Rodrigo Martins de Matos Ventura, alias <Yoda>
***   Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa, Portugal
***    PGP Public Key available on my homepage
*** Key fingerprint = 0C 0A 25 58 46 CF 14 99  CF 9C AF 9E 10 02 BB 2A