Duty Roster

Luca Pisati pisati@nichimen.com
Wed, 14 May 1997 19:03:44 -0700

Name:       Luca Pisati

Email address: pisati@nichimen.com

Country:    California <- Italy

Experience: Platforms: Symbolics, NT, Silicon Graphics
            Languages: Lisp/CLOS/MOP (in the past C,Pascal,Assembler)
            Lisp: Symbolics, Allegro (and also Elisp ...)
            Areas: Computer graphics, GUIs, Software architecture,
                   Foreign functions interface.

Special areas of interest:
            Achieving flexibility and performance.
            Structuring code applications and APIs.
            Dynamic user interfaces.
            Development tools.
            File systems.
            3D graphics.

Areas prepared to work on: Whatever matches my capabilities.
            I'm strong in software design and standardization.
            API definitions. Development tools. GUIs. 
            I'm currently more interested in participating
            to the definition of the LispOs, and the implementation
            of a LispEnv.

Level of commitment: As much as I can.  Some of the stuff I'd like
            to work on is actually developed or under development
            here at Nichimen Graphics to support our product (we
            have a kind of LispEnv). I do not have a PC at home
            (I hate Wintels), and I could work some on SGI, or decide
            to get a PC. The time I can spend is variable.

Luca Pisati		       Voice:	 (310) 577-0518
Nichimen Graphics	       Fax:	 (310) 577-0577
12555 W. Jefferson #285        EMail:    mailto:pisati@nichimen.com
Los Angeles, CA 90066          Web:      http://www.nichimen.com