Duty Roster

Andreas Eder are@laphroig.mch.sni.de
Thu, 15 May 1997 10:44:02 +0200

Name: Andreas Eder

Email address: Andreas.Eder@mch.sni.de

Country: Germany

Experience: My business experience is mostly in C and Fortran. I wrote
	scientific codes on Convex and Cray Supercomputers and since I
	also do a lot of work in C; several years of UNIX kernel
	hacking for SNI and nowadays I program backup software
	(enterprise wide, database modules includee).
	My Lisp experience is much less, and mostly personal with the
	exception of various Elisp programs for programming support.
	I also have experience in functional programming languages and
	symbolic math systems.

Special areas of interest: Anything that involves Lisp, especially
	symbolic mathematics, numerics (can be very fast in CL, if
	done right!), performance tools, Editors (Hemlock),

Areas prepared to work on: Anything.

Level of commitment: I am willing to devote most of my weeknights and
	perhaps some time on weekends for this project. As long as my
	wife can tolerate it (and my employer), anything goes.
Andreas Eder			NetWorker (ReliantUnix)
SNI AG				Phone:    +49-89-636-42549
OEC HES XP 2			Fax:      +49-89-636-40601
D-81739 Munich, Germany

EMail:			mailto:Andreas.Eder@mch.sni
for public access:      http://www.sni.de/public/mr/nsr/nsr_en.htm
for SNI personnel only: http://athen.mch.sni.de/networker/welcome.htm

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