Duty Roster

Alaric B. Williams alaric@abwillms.demon.co.uk
Fri, 16 May 1997 20:27:13 +0000

> Name: 

Alaric Blagrave Williams
> Email address:


> Country: <For curiosities sake!>

> Experience: <Optional. Put any information here which you think 
> might describe how much experience you have. Not a resume, just a 
> sentence or two>

Actual Programming: x86 assembler, Pascal, BASIC, C, C++, a little FORTH,
                    a little Scheme. :-(

Programming Research: Self, Sisal, Scheme, Common Lisp, Henry Baker's papers,
                    parallelism/communications issues, thinking about efficiency
                    in language design.
> Special areas of interest: <Aspects of LispOS you are especially 
> interested in working on>. If applicable give a *brief* summary of 
> your position on contentious design issues>

 - Designing a Lisp dialect: A good idea, but getting an implementation going
will take a while. I like Henry's ideas about linear logic etc.

 - Thinking about user-level isssues. I can think like a newbie.
 - Style related stuff. I've done some graphical design. I can't draw to
save my life, but I can design :-)

> Areas prepared to work on: <Other parts of LispOS you are prepared 
> to work on>

As above! I can program, too, depending upon the language. I can write
hardware drivers to some extent, and x86 related stuff.

I can supply a meg or two of web space at the www.abwillms.demon.co.uk server.

I'm full of ideas.

> Level of commitment: <Just lurking, or prepared to do a bit now and
> then, or prepared to test and try out, or heavily committed to lots of
> LispOS work or will work full-time. Give a very brief description of
> how much you intend to devote to the project.>

AT LEAST: 2 hours per week
AT MOST: 1 full day per week

Hardware available:

AMD 486DX4/100 w. 36Mb RAM, dialup Internet (SLIP/PPP), SB16 sound card I
can write drivers for, IDE hard disks I want to find out how to write
drivers for, Ditto 800 tape driver I also want to find out how to write
drivers for, CLGD5424 graphics card I can write drivers for if given access
to real-mode VBE BIOS for initialisation.

Alaric B. Williams (alaric@abwillms.demon.co.uk)

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