Inferno, Windoze CE, OS-9, etc. ??

Henry G. Baker
Mon, 19 May 1997 16:32:03 -0700 (PDT)

Has anyone looked into Bell Labs' inferno, MS Windoze CE, or OS-9??

Apparently, all of these are aiming somewhat at the
small-but-beautiful embedded market, as opposed to the bloated-but-big
PC market.  I realize that one or more of these cost money to buy
(although on a per-copy basis not very much), but it would still make
sense to at least be aware of their capabilities.  I think that a substantial
amount of info on all 3 is available on their respective web sites.  I
think OS-9 is a product of Microware (??).

Note that _despite_ its name 'Windows CE' has no overlap with
'Windows', and is _much smaller_, and much more interesting than
Windows.  Windows CE runs on a number of palmtops.  So far as I know,
there are no lisps for Windows CE, unless the 'Derive' people in
Hawaii have one.  Which reminds me: the Derive folks should be on this
mailing list!  Isn't stoutemyer visiting berkeley or something like

Henry Baker
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