Inferno, Windoze CE, OS-9, etc. ??

Rainer Joswig
Tue, 20 May 1997 02:01:22 +0200

At 16:32 Uhr -0700 19.5.1997, Henry G. Baker wrote:
>Has anyone looked into Bell Labs' inferno, MS Windoze CE, or OS-9??

Another platform is the Sony Playstation (don't laugh).
There are some **millions** of these devices out there and
Sony recently has made a very cool move: they have now released a
"black" Playstation. It is a Playstation with a bit more
memory, a PC/Mac interface and developer tools
(C compiler, 3d library, etc.).
The development environment enables you to develop
royalty free software for this machine.
It would be cool to have a tiny Lisp engine for
the Black Playstation with 3d graphics and then you go
making game programming interactive and fun.
Sounds a bit like a public version of the GOOL
(Game object-oriented Lisp) from "Naughty Dog".

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