Versioning and persistence

Patrick Logan
Thu, 22 May 97 12:51 PDT

>>>>> "Scott" == Scott L Burson <> writes:

    Scott> But this doesn't mean you can't work with different
    Scott> versions of objects on a fine-grained level.  I can (in
    Scott> theory :-) open version 1 of a segment, navigate down to a
    Scott> particular object, then open v2 of the same segment,
    Scott> navigate to the corresponding object, and then compare
    Scott> them, or whatever I want to do with them.

It is important to develop a philosophy of what the system is
providing. What is the cost/benefit of this model? In spite of the
industry's fascination with plug-n-play components, the real work gets
done through loosely integrated systems of tightly integrated
subsystems of cooperating objects. Is there really a benefit from
versioning individual objects? Or is there more benefit and lower cost
from versioning subsystems?

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