Why [not] X?

Patrick Logan patrickl@servio.gemstone.com
Thu, 22 May 97 14:47 PDT

>>>>> "cwg" == cwg  <cwg@deepeddy.com> writes:

    cwg> I believe it is important to be able to (a) bring up LispOS
    cwg> windows on an X display and (b) to bring up Unix windows on
    cwg> an LispOS display.  If we provide these abilities on top of a
    cwg> superior architecture, that's great, but let's not forget
    cwg> that we need to be able to interoperate.

I'd make that a low priority, lest you start to think anyone will
care. Interoperability with HTML and Java is trivial and will be far
more bang for the buck with anyone who may remotely care. If Java pans
out to any degree, it will bring a lot of interoperability with it:
CORBA, DCOM, JDBC, yada, yada, yada.

If you want interoperability with X to the stated degree, just keep C
at the lower level and run the damn thing directly. It'll be a heck of
a lot cheaper than building and testing compatibility at the Lisp
level. No contest. (But that's the way I think most of the project
should go anyway, for its first five years at least.)

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