Why [not] X?

Mike McDonald mikemac@titian.engr.sgi.com
Thu, 22 May 1997 20:56:12 -0700

>To: "Dwight Hughes" <dhughes@intellinet.com>
>Subject: Re: Why [not] X?
>Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 20:18:45 -0700
>From: Kelly Murray <kem@franz.com>
>>> Mike> Unlike most of the people on this list, Kelley is actually
>>> Mike> doing something other than BSing about who's research
>>> Mike> project is better than everyone else's...
>>> Well you'll get no apology from me. I'm still trying to determine what
>>> this thing is you're building.
>No one other than myself, as far as I know, is building anything.

  Last time I'm speak nicely of you! :-) (I know, CLIM has no place in
your SilkMachine.)

>I'll summarize my position:

>I could use a lot of help.
>I've already mentioned a web browser in Lisp would be useful.
>For a console interface, and on other OS's as an extended developers
>user interface.  

  If one were to write a web browser in Lisp, what would one use for
displaying the graphics? CLX? CLIM? (format ...)?

>Here's another much simpler task: write a dynamic gif generation library.
>Model the api interface after the C-based PPM tools would be good.

  The PPM tools just convert from one format to another (for the most
part). Or do you want things like draw-line into a gif image?

>Here's an even simpler subtask: write a webpage-hit-count gif generator
>-Kelly Edward Murray  kem@franz.com

  Mike McDonald