Why [not] X?

Kelly Murray kem@Franz.COM
Thu, 22 May 1997 21:13:35 -0700

> >No one other than myself, as far as I know, is building anything.

>  Last time I'm speak nicely of you! :-) (I know, CLIM has no place in
> your SilkMachine.)

Please accept my apologies!
I find it very easy (and practical) to ignore CLIM...

>   If one were to write a web browser in Lisp, what would one use for
> displaying the graphics? CLX? CLIM? (format ...)?

Well, call me insane, but I suggest a web browser would be a good start!!
And not by just redirecting the source input to the output device!
The dynamic gif generator would likely come in handy here...

>   The PPM tools just convert from one format to another (for the most
> part). Or do you want things like draw-line into a gif image?

It does other neat stuff, the newer versions do I recall.
write text into gifs, merge gifs, do colormap transforms,
generate patterns and do pixel operations on them etc.
I don't think you can draw a line into a bitmap.  That would be