HTML considered as documentation format [was: Why [not] X?]

Kelly Murray kem@Franz.COM
Fri, 23 May 1997 10:59:52 -0700

> Guess what I am currently doing?! I am coding a web browser in
> CL+CLM. It does its job fairly well so far. However it is still

Super!  sounds great.  My suggestion is to use CLX instead of Motif.

> But I must otherwise disappoint you, since it should be a web browser,
> not a news reader, not a mail reader, not an editor, and definitely
> not a gui, nor a development environment, and no OS -- it should
> just e an application to browse HTML documents. [And I refuse to put
> anything else into the browser.]  I do not not like the idea using a
> web browser as the GUI at all. Why the hell do you want to abuse some
> protocol and text formatting language designed to be used for
> documents connected by hyperlinks to be an OS?

Because in Hell, you can always be certain a user has HTTP/HTML.
And it can be greatly abused if you have a good system to abuse it.

I'm not disappointed.  Most all of that can be done on the server side,
and the user interface is just HTML that your browser supports.
That's really the point actually.
Your simple browser is all that is needed.
If it's written in Lisp, any extensions needed should be simple to add.

Let me know when your ready to release the code and I'll try using it
as my web browser.